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Dr. Osman Kučuk - Center for dementia - Bosnia and Herzegovina


expert for dementia in the field of psychology and care and invited lecturer on: the various International Congresses on dementia, Dementia Master Classess, in nursing and elderly homes, and other health institutions and centers for social care. In Center for dementia designed the next programs: “Training program for carers for working with persons with dementia”, “Rehabilitation program for PwD”, Dementia Master Class.


Currently is director of Center for dementia in Sarajevo. He is one by a few founders of Alzheimer association AiR as umbrella organization in BiH for combat against dementia.

Author a book “Dementia – what next” - guide for carers, PwD and families.

Author a book “Dementia through the prism of primary health care” - guide for GP’s and nurses


Leader of more scientific researchs: Dementia as BH epidemic, Dementia at long term diabetics and people with hypertension, Dementia at social vulnerable population, Possibilities of Interprofessional and non-pharmacological approach in treatment PwD.


Author of projects: Developing and adopting of National dementia plans for combat against dementia in BiH(FBiH, RS), Declaration on dementia in BiH, Sarajevo Statement on Dementia in region of Western Balkan, Founder of Center for dementia, designer of Rehabilitation program in Center for dementia, Alzheimer’s café, creator the groups for self-relief in Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar, fitness on open space in prevetion of Alzheimer, Person with cognitive impairment in a public spaces, Dementia and Stigma in BiH, Understanding relation Palliative care and dementia in BiH.

Emina Kučuk - Alzheimer udruženje AiR- Alzheimer BiH - Bosnia and Herzegovina


Psychologist and young researcher at the Center for Dementia Sarajevo.

Implementator in Program of Rehabilitation for PwD as psycho therapeut, occupational and art therapeut,Assistant in Assessing Cognitive Impairment and Behavioral Disorders, Assistant in organizing different Meetings, Seminars, Conferences and iCoDem / 18, Lecturers in the "Career Training Program for Work with PwD".

Assistant in INDEED project – funded by EU INTERREG program

President of the Assembly Alzheimer's Association AiR - the umbrella organization in BiH.

She has worked on many projects to raise awareness of dementia in Bosnian society and the combat against stigma. She conducted the program "Protecting the Health of Elderly People" and "Fitness Parks as a Healthy Habit". 

She lead project „Elderly person and persons with cognitive impairment inside an health institutions“ and she is author of publication „Whether we see the same“

Dr.rer.med.habil. Jochen Rene Thyrian, dipl.-Psych. -

                                                    German Center for Neurodegenerative Disease - Germany


1999                            Graduation: Diplom‐Psychologe

2005                            PhD Graduation Dr. rer. med. (Medical Science), Ernst‐Moritz‐Arndt‐University of                                       Greifswald; „magna cum laude“

2010                            Habil Graduation: Dr. rer. med habil. Ernst-Moritz-Arndt- University of Greifswald;                                      Lecturer „venia legendi“ for „Epidemiology and Social Medicine“

professional life:

since 9/2019               tenured position after positive evaluation of the tenure track program at DZNE -                                        German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Mrs Sabine Jansen - Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft - Germany

is the executive director of Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft in Berlin, Germany. Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft is the umbrella organisation of 135 regional and local Alzheimer associations in Germany. 


Mrs. Sabine Jansen did studies in social work and economics. She worked in a nursing home, in different welfare centres and in a university hospital. In 1995 she started her work for the Alzheimer Association, first in the information centre for the branch in Berlin, since 1997 for the umbrella organisation German Alzheimer Association. Since 2000 she is the executive director of the national association. Sabine Jansen serves as board member of Alzheimer Europe since 2016 and is member of different advisory boards in Germany for example for the Federal Ministry of Health.

Dr. Stefanie Auer - Danube University in Krems - Austria


is a clinical and health psychologist.

She worked at New York University on the development of test measures. In Austria, she and her team developed the Dementia Service Centre Model starting in 2001.   

Since 2015 she is a Professor of Dementia Studies at the Danube University in Krems / Austria (https://www.donau.uni.ac.at/de/universitaet/organisation/mitarbeiterinnen/person/4295200094)

Štefanija Lukić Zlobec - udruženje Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenia - Slovenia

is president of Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenia that is umbrella alzheimer organization in Slovenia.

She is a responisible for adopting of Slovenian Dementia Strategy, lunched in 2017. She is very active in promotion rights of person with dementia on national and international level.

Marija Kušan Jukić, PhD, M.D. Psychiatrist; Center for mental health of elderly people; Teaching Institute for Public Health "dr. Andrija Štampar" - Croatia

Psychiatrist with expertise in the field of old age psychiatry. Her professional, clinical and scientific interest is cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.  After residence in psychiatry she worked at the University Psychiatry Clinic Vrapče at the Department of Psychogeriatrics, and since 2015 she continued to work at the Teaching Institute for Public Health “Dr. A. Štampar ".  She is very active in initiative about Croatian national strategy against Alzheimer disease and also works a lot on the psychoeducation with members of families (informal caregivers).

Marija Jevtic, MD PhD - Institute for Public Health of Vojvodina - Serbia

Full professor University of Novi Sad, Medical Faculty, Scientific collaborator ULB ESP, Public health specialist, Group analyst, Organizational consultant,  

Alma Orahovac - NVO Futura - Monte Negro

Osnivac NVO Futura i odgovorno lice za zastupanje  (  decembar 2015 – tekuci period),koordinator za realizaciju projekta “Savjetovaliste za demenciju “.(otvorila prvo savjetovaliste za demenciju u Crnoj Gori )

PR NVO “Futura”  i  aktivno saradjuje kao partner  na lokalnim i evropskim  projektima za demenciju u Crnoj Gori. 

Kroz svoj rad se zalaze za zastitu i promovisanje prava oboljelih od Alzheimerove bolesti , demencije  i  pruža podršku porodicima oboljelih .

Organizator predavanja na temu Alzheimerove bolesti u Crnoj Gori. Sprovodi obuke za njegovatelje i socijalne radnike.

Irina Ilieva - Alzheimer Bulgaria - Bulgaria


is Executive secretary of the "Alzheimer Bulgaria" - civil association.


She has a degree in pedagogy and a postgraduate qualification in social psychology. 

Her professional experience is related to social work with and for people with problems. Life confronted her with Dementia, and she devoted herself entirely to it.

prof. Magda Tsolaki - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Greece

was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and studied Medicine (1972-1978) and Theology (1981-1985) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh). Afterwards, she initiated her collaboration with AUTh in 1982 as scientific collaborator and a year later received her specialty as a Neuropsychiatrist. She has been a Professor of Neurology since 2010, and currently she is the Head of the 1st University Department of Neurology (since 2017) where she is still committed to her clinical, educational and research work. In 2004, she was invited as a visiting professor at the Boston University, Massachusetts, USA. She has formed the Greek Alzheimer Association in 1995 and the Greek Federation of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in 2007, in which she is up to today the Chair, while also being the scientific director of two Public Dementia Units (founded by her in 2007 and 2009) for outpatients. The last two years she was invited to join as a member the Greek National Observatory for Dementia. 

Dr. Marianna Tsatali - Greek Alzheimer Association - Greece


received her bachelor from the Psychology department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), and the MSc in Medical School from the University of Ioannina. She also holds a Ph.D degree in the Psychology department of the University of Sheffield. 


She works in the Greek Alzheimer Association since 2009, and she is also a research associate at the Medical Physics Laboratory of AUTH and the Neurofeedback center of Northern Greece. Finally, she is a part-time Lecturer at the City College, the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield

Marc Wortmann - Marc Wortmann Consultancy - Netherlands


Marc Wortmann is CEO of Marc Wortmann Consultancy in the Netherlands, supporting non-profit organizations in general and especially Alzheimer and dementia organizations in strategy, advocacy and fundraising. He was Executive Director of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) from November 2006 till June 2017. 

Marc studied Law and Art history in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands and was a member of the Parliament of the Province of Utrecht. He became Executive Director of Alzheimer Nederland in 2000. Marc joined ADI by the end of 2006 and was responsible for external contacts, public policy (especially towards World Health Organization and United Nations) and fundraising. 

He is a speaker at multiple events and conferences on these topics and has published a number of articles and papers on dementia awareness and public policy. He is currently also writing about the philanthropic sector for a Dutch magazine.

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